Project Structure is based on Annuity Model with a long term concession to the Private Player.

The project is structured based on the Annuity model and the role of DFCCIL and Private Player is as follows:

Role of DFCCIL


  • Provide land to the Concessionaire
  • Procure Forest and Environmental Clearances
  • Approval of General Arrangement Drawing (GAD) from respective Authorities for Construction by Concessionaire
  • Provide Annuity payments to the Concessionaire

Role of Private Player


  • Design, develop, construct and finance the project
  • Receive fixed Annuity payments for a period of 15 years post Commercial Operation Date
  • General Arrangement Drawing (GAD) to be provided by the concessionaire to the authority

Concession Agreement


  • Concession agreement will be entered between DFCCIL and private player and SPV will be formed by Concessionaire for implementation of the Project
  • Concessionaire will Construct the project in 5 years and where would be defected liability period for 3 years (Defect Liability Period) post Commercial Operation Date
  • DFCCIL will provide fixed Annuity payment to the Concessionaire for a period of 15 years post Commercial Operation Date