The Authority has adopted a two – stage competitive bidding process for selection of the Concessionaire.

The first stage “RFQ Stage” of the process involves qualification of interested parties, who make an application in accordance of with provisions of the Request for Qualification (RFQ) document.

At the end of this stage, Authority will shortlist suitable qualified applicants who shall be eligible for participation in the second stage of the Bidding Process “the Bid Stage” comprising Request for Proposal (RFP).

RFQ (Qualification) Stage

Qualification of interested parties/consortia at RFQ stage will based on following criteria:

Technical Criteria

Eligible Projects

Railway Sector : railways, metro rails, LRT, mono rail, high speed rail, highways, expressways, bridges and tunnels (roads/railways);

Core Sector: hydroelectric dams, barrage, ports, airports, thermal/steel/cement plants, oil and gas pipelines, irrigation canals, water supply, sewerage, power transmission lines and real estate development

Minimum equity stake of 26% in the Eligible project is required for claiming experience by Entity/ Consortium

Project Categories

  • PPP projects under Category 1 (Railway sector) and Category 2 (Core Sector)
  • Construction works executed under Category 3 (Railway Sector) and Category 4 (Core Sector)

Technical Capacity of the bidders will be assessed such that the sum of the following in the preceding 5 financial years is more than the threshold capacity, which is 1.5 times estimated project cost:

  • Received payments for construction of Eligible Project(s) in Category 3 and/or Category 4
  • Paid for development of Eligible Project(s) in Category 1 and/or Category 2
  • Collected appropriated revenues from Eligible Project(s) in Category 1 and/or Category 2

Experience score of the Applicant would be calculated after considering assigned weight/factor as per RFQ.

Financial Criteria

The Applicant shall have a minimum Net Worth (the “Financial Capacity”) of Rs. 981 crore (Rupees Nine Hundred and Eighty One Crore only) at the close of the preceding financial year.

The Applicants shall then be ranked on the basis of their respective Aggregate Experience Scores and shortlisted for RFP stage (“Bid Stage”)

RFP (Bid Stage) Stage

In the Bid Stage, the shortlisted bidders will be called upon to submit their financial offers (the “Bids”) in accordance with the RFP and other documents provided by the Authority. The financial bid parameter would be the Applicant quoting the Lowest Annuity Payment would be considered as Preferred Bidder for signing the Concession Agreement

Tentative Project Timeline

Milestone Expected Date
Issue of RFQ December 2019
Shortlisting of Bidders February 2020
Issue of RFP April 2020
Issue of LOA June 2020